ANTH 423, Dr. Maximilian Forte, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Concordia University

Session 9: November 2, 2016

The State: Militarism, National Security, Imperialism

Lecture points:

  • Nation and State under Security
    • The State of Siege
    • International Politics and Force
    • War is the New Nation
    • The Absolute Security Agenda
    • Reordering Sovereignty, Redefining States
    • Securitized Epistemology

Lecture Presentation

Reading Questions

Additional Resources/References:

Required Reading:

“Militarization,” by Catherine Lutz (Ch. 20 in the Companion to the Anthropology of Politics).

“War Making and State Making as Organized Crime,” by Charles Tilly (1985)

Gough, Kathleen. (1968). “New Proposals for Anthropologists“. Current Anthropology, 9(5), 403-435. Only read pages 403-407